Apollo Heating/Hot Water Systems

The Apollo heating/hot water systems installed by the builder are unique in that the hot water from the water heater also provides heat for the house. These were high efficiency zero-clearance systems that only required one gas exhaust. Zero clearance means that the “furnace” can safely be placed up against a wall because there is no high temperature firebox in it. Unfortunately, Apollo was bought by State Industries which is no longer actively marketing them, only sells the replacement water tanks and charges high prices for them.

If you still use the Apollo system, remember that during the summer it provides hot water but during the winter, that same hot water is used to heat your house by passing through a heat exchanger in your “furnace”. This means that you probably need to set the temperature of your water heater higher in winter or you may not have enough hot bath water if it is simultaneously used for heating and hot water. If you are having problems with your aging Apollo, you are welcome to call the maker of your unit to discuss the alternatives of replacing the water heater, upgrading it to a bigger water tank or replacing the whole system.