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Nominating Committee Members Needed

If anyone wishes to serve on the Nominating Committee, please contact Gary Lowder, the chairman. The Nominating Committee recommends to the board and the membership who it sees as the best candidates for the board elections at the annual meetings. If a board member needs to be replaced midyear, the board looks to the committee for suggestions.


Notable Town Rules on Pets (copied from Chapter 2, Section 8 as of 4/16/15)

No owner and/or person, while harboring, walking, in possession of or in charge of an animal on public property, public park property, public right-of-way, or any private property shall do so without having in his or her possession a bag or other container that closes and using such bag or container collect and remove feces deposited by said animal.


All persons owning, controlling, keeping, or maintaining any dog/cat within the Town of Laurel Park shall provide and keep on such dog/cat when the dog/cat is off the owner’s property a collar or harness containing an identification tag on which are inscribed the owner's name, local address, and telephone number.






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